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Welcome to Help Children Live Better Lives.

This is a resource hub providing a down to earth practical guide for parents, carers, and teaching practitioners dealing with challenging behaviours (acting out as well as withdrawing behaviour).

This website combines valuable information, reading guides, YouTube clips and research from some of the worlds leading experts.

It is a pleasure to create and share these resources with anyone who can find them useful.  We work solely on donations to keep this website up and running, so anything you can donate is appreciated.

If you are happy and able to, feel free to donate the amount you feel is fair so we can continue to provide resources. Thank you and please continue to use the site for free if you would rather not donate.

Please feel free to link this website to your school’s learning platform/newsletter for all to access and use. The resource library section offers free resources and mental health support links for all to use.

Let’s work together to support children and young peoples mental health and wellbeing

1 in 9 Children

aged 5-19 had a probable mental health disorder in 2017.

1 in 6 Children

aged 5-19 had a probable mental health disorder in 2020.

35% increase

in referrals to children’s mental health services in 2019/20.

4% increase

in the number of children receiving support from the NHS in 2019/20.

Thank you for supporting us

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"This website has helped me to understand as a parent how children are impacted by trauma and mental health issues. The resources and support networks featured on the site have helped me personally to feel more confident with getting my own son the support he needs. Such a useful resource available for parents."
Miss Summerville Abbey Primary School Mansfield
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"This is great for schools wanting to build on their social, emotional and mental health resources"
Jeanette Nicholson SENCO at Croft Primary School, Sutton -in -Ashfield
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"I have book marked the website to dip into and find support for pupils with behaviour, trauma and attachment needs. I love the way that the wealth of information has been pulled together in an easy to navigate website. It really is a very valuable resource and I am so grateful to have access to this to support children throughout school”
Ben Waldram Head at Lowdham CofE Primary School
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“This is a really good platform with a good range of links to videos, resources and websites”

Did You Know?

“When children are exposed to adverse and stressful experiences, it can have a long-lasting impact on their ability to think and learn.”

“Kids who experience significant trauma during their early years of life simply don’t think the same way we do. They don’t perceive the world the same way we do. They don’t understand things the same way we do.”

“Have you ever felt like no matter how hard you try with some students their SATs score still suffer? This will help you to find the key to their success”

Adverse Childhood Experiences

The vast majority of us have been impacted by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in some way.

Think about your childhood, even with good enough parenting, you may have experienced your parents separating or a parent with a mental health issue or drink problem or maybe not emotionally available due to no fault of their own.

This will continue from generation to generation if we don’t recognise this and educate ourselves.

Does this apply to any of your students?

Bringing Hidden Needs To The Surface

People of all ages, from babies to old age, find ways to manage their emotions so that they feel as protected and as safe as possible…

Bringing Hidden Needs To The Surface.
Happy school kids standing and looking at camera.
Happy mother hugging her lovely children with both hands.

Making Progress

We really hope this website will help you learn, reflect, and maybe change the way you view the children who are coming into your classrooms.

Think about your personal childhood, were you impacted by ACEs? Were your parents? How has this shaped your view of the world as a person?

This will continue from generation to generation if we don’t learn, educate ourselves, and develop self-awareness. We are clearly seeing a significant rise in children and young people accessing mental health services.

By learning and educating ourselves we are working towards building an environment that supports emotional growth and mentally strong students.

We all have emotions and these can not be ignored, by helping students learn to regulate these research shows this will help them to move from their undeveloped limbic system that controls their emotions and the fight, flight and freeze response to much higher regions of their brain that controls thinking and learning.

Will you now view the children coming into your classroom differently?

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